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AI & ML for building products!



Dream of shaping the future of products? Enhance your decision-making abilities, foster innovation, and confidently articulate complex concepts. Advance your career and position your organization at the leading edge of the AI-centric market.

Duration Ai/ML only:  6 weeks  May 22nd – June 23rd 

Wednesdays and Thursdays 8-10pm EST

Prerequisite: Python for analytics 6 weeks. Start date April 13th – May 19th 

Saturdays and Sundays 7-9 EST pm


  • Phase 1: Foundations of AI and MLWeek: Introduction to AI
    • Basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Key concepts and terminology
    • Overview of the AI landscape and its impact on industries

    Week: Introduction to Data Science

    • Data science lifecycle
    • Overview of data science techniques: what they are and where/when do you use them 
    • Data science use-case (2-3 example problems e.g. sentiment analysis, classification, forecasting, etc)  

    Week: AI Tooling

    • Custom models (using different frameworks) vs ready-made models (Azure Cognitive Services, Vertex AI)
    • Development and deployment 
    • On-prem infrastructure vs vendor platforms

    Week: Overview of advanced AI techniques

    • Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and its applications
    • Large Language Models
    • Chat Bots

    Phase 2: AI Product Development Process

    Week: AI Ethics, Privacy, and Governance

    • Ethical considerations
    • Bias in AI
    • Privacy concerns and data protection in AI products
    • Ethical AI development best practices
    • AI regulations and compliance considerations

    Week: Capstone Project and Industry Insights

    • Capstone project: Developing an AI product concept to MVP
    • Career development in AI product management




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100 % Virtual | Instructor-led.



With python for analytics, AI/ML only

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