Cyber Ready Bootcamp: Launch Your Career in Cybersecurity with Comprehensive Training on Information Security, Network Defense, Incident Response, Vulnerability management and SOC


With cybersecurity threats becoming increasingly prevalent and dangerous, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals has increased exponentially. Are you interested in vying for a career in information security analyst/network security engineer/cybersecurity consultant/incident responder/cyber security auditor? Do you want to learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience in protecting organizations from cyber threats? Look no further than The Slim Prep’s robust Cybersecurity Bootcamp, where we help you kickstart your career in cybersecurity!

The boot camp is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in cybersecurity. You’ll learn everything from identifying vulnerabilities and threats to designing and implementing effective security solutions. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the process, providing you with valuable feedback and insights along the way.

But that’s not all – our boot camp is also highly interactive, allowing you to collaborate with other cybersecurity professionals worldwide. You can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences.

The Slim Prep is offering a packed program on Cyber Security that is guaranteed to take you from zero to hero without any prior knowledge in IT!

For 4 months, you will learn :

  • Basic Networking OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Operating Systems
  • Security Fundamentals: Confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) triad, risk management, and security policies.
  • Cryptography
  • Ethical hacking
  • Malware
  • Web Application Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Security and Security Operations Center
  • Social Engineering and Security Assessment and Auditing
  • Mobile security and IOT security
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM
  • Cloud Security
  • Blockchain Security

and many more!! Spots are filling up fast.

Disclaimer: While technical skills are relevant In these roles, soft skills and transferable skills are also very important



100 % Virtual | Instructor-led.

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