Product Management for beginners



Ever wondered how you can make people happy and make loads of money!!!! Welcome to the world of building products (software). The Slimprep is organizing an intense virtual 6-week program where you get to learn in a realistic environment all it takes to learn how to build a product without having a tech background. While technical skills are relevant in these roles, soft skills and transferable skills are also very important.

The program comes with two books and an opportunity to work on a live product (subject to availability), On-the-job support and 100% PSPO1 and PSM 1 pass guarantee (Exam fees included).  Be job ready in 10 weeks!!



 Agile and Waterfall  (Theory)

  •  Scrum (Theory) 
  • Kanban (Theory)

Epics, User Stories, Acceptance criteria (Practical)


Introduction to Product Management

  • Vision/ Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • OKRs/ Metrics that matter
  • Prioritizing features  (RICE and LEAN)
  • Building roadmaps
  • Backlogs; working with the engineering team to refine the backlog
      • Technical debts
      • Introduction to APIs
  • Scrum Ceremonies

Product Management (CAPSTONE PROJECT)

Resume/Linkedin/Interview Prep 


100 % Virtual | Instructor-led.

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