Product Management for Novices


In this intense  8-weeks program, you would learn in a realistic environment what it entails to be a  :

  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager

The program comes with three books and an opportunity to work on a live product and is subject to availability.

This program comes with all that is needed to succeed on the job as well as on-the-job support. 


Week 1: Agile and Waterfall  (Theory)

Week 2: Scrum (Theory)

Week 3: Epics, User Stories, Acceptance criteria (Theory)

Week 4:  JIRA 

Week 5: Scrum Ceremonies 

Week 6: Introduction to Product Management (CAPSTONE PROJECT)

Week 7: Sprint Planning Demo (CAPSTONE PROJECT)

Week 8: Resume/Interview Prep 


100 % Virtual | Instructor-led.

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